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Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 9'6" 6wt

4.0 oz
Action: Fast, fast recovery, with a beautiful traditional feel deep down.

When someone asks for one rod to do everything, the answer more often than not is a 6wt. In the case of the Beulah Platinum 9’6” 6 weight you would be correct. This rod gets It done; nymphing tandem rigs, fishing from a boat, float tubing lakes chasing trout, casting poppers for small and large mouth bass, swinging flies for Atlantics, even casting for schoolie stripers in salt water. From Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego dry fly or wet, overhead or spey this rod says “yes I can”. Hell, this rod would probably do the dishes if you asked nicely!

Our Platinum 6 weight offers a Salt safe Black anodized double locking reel seat, full wells grip w/ inlays that Beulah is known for, high quality salt water safe stripping guides and light wire chrome over stainless steel snake guides. Of course we went with 4 color windings. After all a Beulah is not a Beulah until the performance is wrapped in art!

Designed For:
This is the rod of Summer in our neck of the woods for the person who owns multiple fly rods. It is beautiful to cast and mends well with any modern, weight forward, long bellied or double taper lines . Used primarily for larger trout on big water, but will handle light summer steelhead fishing from the shore or boat. A great rod for large and small mouth bass from the local lakes. This rod also has plenty of reserve power down low.

Fly Line Recommendations:
~ Cortland Precision 6wt
~ Rio Gold 7wt
~ Sci Anadro 7wt

Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 9'6" 6wt