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Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 9'9" 7wt

4.1 oz
Action: Fast Action. Fast Recovery

The Beulah Platinum 9'9" 7 wt is extremely light and well balanced. It weighs only 4 oz., but feels much lighter because it is so well balanced. We have always felt 10 foot single hand rods have always felt unbalanced and cumbersome, as if they were designed to be 9 feet and then extended as an after thought. This rod reconciles the awkward feel found in most rods longer than 9'6".

The action in the 9'9"walks the line between fast and medium, flexing through out the blank while recovering quickly to give it a quick yet slightly relaxed feel while casting. We wanted this rod to excel swinging and nymphing for steelhead and still be snappy enough to use for light saltwater excursions. In this corner of the world the 7wt is an important size rod and this one does everything and more expected from a seven wt.

Our Platinum 7 weight offers a Salt safe Black anodized double locking reel seat, full wells grip w/ inlays that Beulah is known for, high quality salt water safe stripping guides and light wire chrome over stainless steel snake guides. Of course we went with 4 color winding. After all a Beulah is not a Beulah until the performance is wrapped in art!

Designed For:
This fly rod has a multitude of uses and will be used to fish for a variety of fresh water and small salt water species that include Steelhead, light Salmon, Small and Large mouth bass, Bonefish, Redfish, Snook and Sea Trout.

Fly Line Recommendations:
~ Cortland Precision 7wt
~ Rio Grand 7wt
~ Sci Anadro 8wt

Fighting Butt: 1.25", Foregrip: 7"

Beulah Platinum Single Hand Rod - 9'9" 7wt