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Scientific Anglers - Floating Dragon Tail Shooting Line

One of the major issues with using shooting lines and shooting heads is the lack of line control. The textured Floating Dragon Tail shooting line changes that dramatically. The Dragon Tail tapers from .038″ to .075″ where it meets the shooting head, providing a less drastic transition from shooting line to head, which equates to more line control. The Mastery Texture reduces friction, delivering longer casts, and a color change signals where the taper begins.

  • Use with shooting heads, tapered end for smoother transition, line tapers from 0.038 shooting line to 0.075 in a 15 tapered section
  • Length: 120
  • Size: 30-lb.
  • Diameter: 0.038 0.075
  • Mastery Texture delivers longer casts without abrasion
  • For use with shooting heads, tapered Dragon Tail section improves line control
  • Color change as line tapers up to head

  • Scientific Anglers - Floating Dragon Tail Shooting Line