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Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'0" 5wt

Fast Action; Progressive Flex

Beulah Platinum Switch fly rod 5 weight will impress the most discerning dry fly trout fisherman! The action on our new 10f0h 5 weight is a progressive flexing/fast recovery fly rod designed to excel with traditional overhead or nymphing techniques and with excellent spey ability. Weighing in at a mere 5 ounces, this will be a great match anywhere trout hang out. This is a true trout switch rod that will not leave you feeling over gunned on a small stream and will reach out to those spots you never could reach on bigger water. The Beulah 10' 5wt Switch rod will be excellent fishing anything from size #20 BWOfs on 16f leaders with 7x tippets to #4 Streamer fishing on medium and large sized trout streams. We built our 10f0h 5 weight 4 piece with short fore and aft grips making this rod perfect for a multitude of trout fly fishing tactics and a fly rod that feels excellent as either a single hand rod or an ultra light spey rod.

Nymphing or Swinging flies for trout 8"-18" either wading or from a boat. Excels for lake fishing from pontoon or float tubes.

Line Recommendations:
Scientific Anglers Anadro 6wt or 7wt , Rio Atlantic Salmon 6wt or 7wt, Dry Fly: Rio Grand 6wt
Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir 275gr - 300gr
Skagit: Beulah Tonic Switch 325gr

4.7oz, Rear Grip 3.25", Front Grip 10.5"
Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'0" 5wt