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Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'4" 6wt

Medium-Fast Action; Progressive Flex

Our new Platinum 10f4h 6 weight Switch rod employes the same progressive/crisp action as our Platinum Switch 5 weight, just a touch longer and a power stronger. This is the rod that should set the bar for Switch versatility. Weighing in at 5.2 oz the Platinum 6wt Switch rod is light enough to single hand all day and will open up a world of potential with two hand casting. The Beulah Switch 6wt fly rod will help you to cover more water and cast flies long distance with incredible accuracy. Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout, Sea Run Cutthroat, Small Mouth Bass, Half Pounders, Summer Steelhead and light saltwater applications are what this rod is all about. Literally, from size #12 March Browns to size #2 Wooly Buggers float tubing with a slime line, this rod is poised for just about any situation you can come up with. Versatility is the key here, and this rod is no slouch, employing spey techniques with both Scandinavian and Skagit style shooting heads.

Swinging flies and nymphing for trophy trout. This is an excellent rod for casting hoppers and other large dry fly imitations. Great rod for lake fishing from a tube and using light sink tip lines.

Line Recommendations:
Scientific Anglers Anadro 7wt or 8wt , Rio Atlantic Salmon 7wt or 8wt
Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir Switch 325gr - 350gr
Skagit: Beulah Tonic Switch 375gr

5.2oz, Rear Grip 3.25", Front Grip 10.5"

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 10'4" 6wt