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Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 11'0" 8wt

Medium Action; Regressive Flex

Our new Platinum 8 weight Switch has been the shop favorite (so far). This is the big brother to our 10f8h 7 that also features a deep loading slightly regressed action with a fast recovery. This rod is easy to make friends with and is going to be the stick you can call on for all Steelhead/light Salmon duty and crosses over into winter fishing on all medium to larger rivers. This rod like most of our Platinum two-handed rods compliments and rewards a compact and relaxed casting stroke where less is more!

Spey casting Scandinavian shooting heads and compact skagits and swinging flies for steelhead. Excellent for nymphing from a boat or wading. Great for two or one hand overhead casting distance.
5.6oz, Rear Grip 3.75", Front Grip 11.5"

Line Recommendations:
Scientific Anglers Anadro 9wt or 10wt
Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir Switch 400gr
Skagit: Beulah Tonic Switch 410gr -450gr

Beulah Platinum Switch Rod - 11'0" 8wt