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Bug Bond Lite Formula

A thinner version of bug bond which makes a great alternitive to head cements and varnish.

Just reviewed in fly fishing & Fly Tying by Magnus Angus (UK article).

This material is much less viscous than Original and is close to a watery consistency or that of light engineering oil. Lite can be used to secure thread or bucktail part way through a tie to allow you to continue tying without building up a profile or use it as a varnish replacement.

Tested for a full 12 months before release this is superb stuff.

We recommend that you buy a pro tip kit to get the best out of the material.

A 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond (which includes a standard applicator) will retail at $25.50. The UV light (excluding batteries) will retail for $25.50. A Pro-Tip kit is available and this includes a replacement bottle top which has the ability to accept different gauge taper tips allowing a more precise application of the fluid and will retail at $7.70.

Bug Bond Lite Formula