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Abel Nipper

* Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the USA
* Anodized aluminum body construction
* Replaceable jaws - machined out of premium grade stainless steel, then heat treated to 58-60rc
* Saltwater resistant
* Engineered to Cut 7x - 100 lb mono and braid line.
* Available in all Abel Finishes
* 2 Year limited warranty on the jaws after initial purchase
* Lanyard Optional (shown at right)

* Screws - 303 Stainless Steel
* Body - T-6061 T6 Aluminum
* Jaws - Crucible CPM S35VN
* Pin - 316 Stainless Steel

* Weight: .7 ounces
* Height: .420"
* Length: 1.800"
* Top Width: .710"
* Bottom Width: .560"

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Innovative anglers’ nippers, remarkably guaranteed to last and cut forever, have been developed by Abel Reels. The new precision machined aircraft grade aluminum leader nipper has replaceable jaws – similar to Abel’s award-winning pliers – made from a superior grade stainless steel.

“These modern nippers are total departure from traditional line cutters which are usually just an adaptation of old fashioned nail clippers . . . just the kind of creative, Twenty-First Century thinking anglers expect from Abel,” said Don R. Swanson, president.

Tests were done on line weights from 7X fly-fishing tippet material to 100-pound test mono. Shop tests indicate the nippers are good for thousands of cuts of monofilament line and tippet material.

“The critical cutting edge jaw is Crucible CPM S35VN, an American made and developed premium grade stainless steel created especially for knives. It is powder-made steel with a uniform carbide distribution and clean steel properties. The steel is heat treated and hardened to a Rockwell factor of 58-60. As a blade material, it offers excellent corrosion resistance and superb edge qualities,” said Swanson.

The Abel Nippers are designed to be attached to a retractable spring-loaded device, clipped to a fishing vest or worn with an angler’s necklace.

Abel Nipper

Note: Custom colors will take longer to ship. Please call for time estimate.
Colors marked with * most likely to be in stock