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Book - Matching Major Eastern Hatches

Basic Description * Over 400 detailed, step-by-step tying instructions in full color
* Cutting-edge patterns based on classic designs
* 123 new, proven designs for important insects
* Photos identifying all stages of the hatch and patterns to match them
* Blue-Winged Olives, Hendricksons, Sulphurs, March Browns, Cahills, Tricos, Green and Brown Drakes, Slate Drakes, Caddis, Stoneflies, Ants

From Henry Himself:
Matching Major Eastern Hatches began several years ago when I was preparing to tie a batch of flies and could not recall the exact shades of tying materials I needed. My pattern recipes at the time were not recorded on paper and were locked in the back of my mind which was failing at the moment. To correct this problem I began a process of compiling and organizing all of my patterns and their exact recipes so that I would be able to reproduce them accurately every time and teach others how to tie them as well. The project evolved into a rather lengthy list of fly recipes and I realized that there were stories of how these patterns were developed and those stories were also recorded which became chapters. All of this eventually grew into a manuscript. Each fly we tie is in its own way an expression of our hope and an outward gesture of our own optimism that under the right conditions a trout will find our offering appealing enough to rise to it. All flies have a history behind them and I wanted to share some of them. Some of the stories captured moments, memories of fish that were particularly difficult, situations that were utterly frustrating and moments of victory when a new pattern became the answer to a fishing riddle. Other stories pay tribute to friends past and present, those that I fish with and others whose footprints have long eroded from the banks of the rivers we fished together.

Presented in Matching Major Eastern Hatches are 123 new fly patterns to match most of the mayfly, caddis, stoneflies and ants you are likely to encounter along the streams and rivers of the northeast. Some are completely new pattern designs and tying approaches while others have their roots in earlier classic patterns such as Vince Marinaro’s remarkable Thorax Dun. Each pattern form or style has multiple pattern recipes designed to match specific fly hatches and each design is explained step by step with full color tying sequences. I hope you enjoy the book and that it teaches you a few new patterns to enhance your enjoyment at your tying bench and improve your success on the water. Contact me to order a personalized copy.

Book - Matching Major Eastern Hatches