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DVD - Anatomy of a Trout Stream - by Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers Anatomy of a Trout Stream with Rick Hafele by 3M. By understanding the anatomy of your favorite trout stream, you can better understand where trout hold, how they feed and how to apply that knowledge to proper selection of flies and presentation. Aquatic biologist and author, Rick Hafele, shows you how to respond as conditions change. With these proven concepts for reading the stream and proper tactics for responding to the trout, you can plan your strategy to fish any piece of water. Consistently catch more and bigger trout.
Approx 55 minutes

  • Learn to dissect a stream from end to end, top to bottom. Know every riffle, run, flat and pool
  • Understand the basic needs of the trout, where their prim lies will be and why
  • Recognize the important food in all types of water.
  • Learn the subtle signs that signal a new bite
  • Become adept at selecting the proper fly and presenting it to imitate the natural's behavior

  • DVD - Anatomy of a Trout Stream - by Scientific Anglers