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C&F Design Reference Vise

C&F's philosophy is to create high quality tools that fit the human hand and give a deep pride of ownership. The Reference Vise is the top-of-the-line quality and has a host of aids and features for the fly tier. The vise can be changed from right hand to left hand use very easily.

  • Link Arm: Adjusts jaw height without affecting the hook plane.
  • Rotary Function: Jaw rotates to any angle without changing the hook plane.
  • Magnetic Jaw: A powerful magnet inside the jaw holds the hook in place before the jaw is closed, allowing for a precise adjustment of the hook position.
  • Temporary Hanger: A clever Micro Slit Foam collar to store flies
  • Material Clip: To keep fly tying materials out of the way
  • Bobbin Hanger: Holds the tying thread and bobbin out of the way.
  • The Reference Vise does not come with the Magnetic Dust Pocket, the Sight Plate, or the Parachute Tool.

    C&F Design Reference Vise