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Abel Sportsman's Lube Kit

For every brand of fly reel, conventional reel, spinning reel, bass reel, knives, scissors, pliers, guns and gardening tools.

  • Lite Reel and Gun Oil for all temperature applications.
  • Neat’s-foot oil for all gaskets and seals, cork drags, leather and other fibers.
  • High and low temperature all-purpose grease or heavy duty lubrication: ball bearings, plain bearings, shafts and springs.
  • Cloth for wiping excess oil.
  • Nylon abrasive pad for removing rust.

    Put a scant drop or two of lubricant where you need it – no need to spritz everything on your work table or kitchen with oil under pressure from an aerosol canister.

    Also included in the kit:
    Cloth for wiping excess oil
    Nylon abrasive pad for rust removal

  • Abel Sportsman's Lube Kit