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Clear Cure Goo Hydro Tack Free

New for 2012 we are introducing the new Clear Cure Goo Hydro- Let me be clear..... HYDRO is Tack Free.

It is the most suitable tack free material on the market- It is by far the thinest material we have ever made. It has the consistency of a watery head cement. It cures in just 5 seconds, it can be used as a top coat for any of the Clear Cure goo materials, you can use it to cover any and all freshwater flies. It not only gives durability to delicate flies but gives it a lifelike translucency .

You can use instead of using head cement or lacquer to finish off all your flies.

For the Saltwater tier, you can use the Hyrdo to stiffen materials similar to what the Clear Cure Goo Brushable can to. This material is much more thin than the Brushable. You may apply it to popper heads, use it as a top coat on other Clear Cure Goo materials. You can apply a little at a time- curing as you to make a fly solely out of the Hydro material and as it is a Tack Free Product- you will not need to use a head cement, or lacquer. You wont even need to use any alcohol on it to get your tack free results.

The Hydro comes in a 15ml bottle. It is shipped with many accesories- which is a statement of just how versatile this product is.

Included with your 15ml bottle of Clear Cure Goo Hydro is:
an applicator top-
a brush top
a fine pink applicator tip
a very fine blue applicator tip

You can apply this material in so many ways that only your imagination is the limit.

Hydro comes in a 15ml bottle.

Curing time 5-10 seconds

Clear Cure Goo Hydro Tack Free

Requires Clear Cure Goo Light.