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Clear Cure Goo Pearly Fleck

New for 2012 we are introducing Clear Cure Goo Fleck. The is a material that is similar to the consistency of the Thick but we have added flecks of gold, silver, green and blue pearlescent glitter. Clear Cure Goo Fleck is a great too to add to your tying tools. It provides just enough shimmer to a fly to get a fishes attention but not enough to looking unnatural.

You can use the Clear Cure Goo fleck to build your entire fly our of this material or just use it as some accents

Using the Clear Cure Goo Syringe is similar to using a caulk gun. To get started just apply a minimal amount of pressure. This will start the material coming out of the tip. Material will continue to come out until one of two things happens. You relieve the pressure in the syringe by pulling back slightly on the piston OR enough material has come out of the syringe to even out the pressure on both sides of the syringe.

The Clear Cure Thin cures with a slight tacky feel to it. You can remove this by applying hand sanitizer ( 62% alcohol ) to it which will create a matte finish OR- you can apply a small layer of head cement or lacquer to it. I typically thin down my head cement to the tune of 2/3 head cement to 1/3 acetone. This allows the head cement to be applied in a very thin layer and aids in cutting down drying times.

As always you can use all the Clear Cure Goo products in symphany to create the fly or look you desire. Meaning you could build a base layer using the Clear Cure Goo Thick and then finish it off with the Clear Cure Goo Brushable or Thin.

The Clear Cure Goo Fleck comes in a 10ml Syringe.

Recommended Curing Time: 7-10 seconds

Clear Cure Goo Pearly Fleck

Requires Clear Cure Goo Light.