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Saturday July 12th- Michael Mauri Spey Casting

Learning to analyze one’s own casting technique, advice on improving the equipment as well as applying all techniques in the Speycasting range.

Depending on your level we will work on the following: Single & Double Spey, Circle Cast, Snap T, CAD, Snake Roll and Air Loops...

Spend a day learning the most advanced European Speycasting technique, the EFCT (Effective Fly Casting Technique), which you can use for Single- and Doublehand Rods.

$250.00 per person/full day (6 hours)
Intermediate to Advanced
Maximum 8 people
10am - 4pm

The fish management technician caught his first fish at age six in a small stream in Bavaria.Michael Mauri In 1983 - at age 12 - he decided to devote himself entirely to the royal discipline. Since that time, he has been fishing exclusively with flies. His early, influential sources of inspiration were, for example, Sepp Prager at a show in 1985 and later Lefty Kreh and Steve Rajeff.

Starting in 1998, Michael Mauri has been participating in international shows and conducting single- and doublehand workshops all over the globe. He works also as a Guide all over in Europe, from Italy up to Norway and Greenland. Motion sequences acquired from many years of martial arts training as well as his great desire to experience something new allowed him to create his own unique casting techniques, the EFCT (Effective Fly Casting Technique). The secret of that style is the natural movement, which makes it easy to learn – for everybody!

In search of new challenges, he continuously hones his own skills while at the same time coming up with new ideas for improved equipment.

But if he’s outside on the water and become ones with the nature, he is still that boy of six.

Saturday July 12th- Michael Mauri Spey Casting