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DVD - Discovering Tenkara

Join the Discover Tenkara Team together with Japan’s foremost tenkara expert – Dr Hisao Ishigaki – for a look at the fundamental elements of this beautiful and effective fly fishing tradition. Born in the mountain streams of Japan, tenkara is now a global pastime attracting novices and seasoned fly anglers alike.

Filmed on picturesque British upland streams and presented by the UK’s first certified Tenkara Guides – Paul Gaskell and John Pearson – this volume demonstrates key elements of the method that is “Japanese tenkara” – its history, philosophy, equipment and flies. Tenkara’s simplicity brings with it both familiar and unfamiliar concepts that will be of use to all fly fishers.

DVD Chapters: Introduction; Tenkara with traditional dry fly; Fishing with Japanese wet flies; Dr Ishigaki explains short drifts; Note on fish location & tenkara; Thoughts on tenkara casting; Making the cast; Dr Ishigaki on casting into the wind; Advantages of long lines; Hand-lining skills; Dr Ishigaki on playing larger fish; Kebari – Japanese tenkara flies; Dr Ishigaki’s choice of kebari; Dr Ishigaki ties his kebari

DVD - Discovering Tenkara