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Skin Blockers Sunscreen

ICEUS, Inc.’s sunscreen was engineered to have the very specific qualities of ease of application, no added fragrance, and extreme water and sweat proof abilities, no alcohol or oils and quick drying upon application. In 1995, the “sunscreen on a towel” or towelette concept was created due to specifications from public utilities for their employees. Eventually, between 1996-2000, the sunscreen found its way from the work place into the home and a demand from the private consumer for this novel of sunscreen on a towel became reality.

In 2003 the formula was enhanced to take into consideration the additional needs of consumers both young and old by boosting the U.V. absorbers and waterproofing agents resulting in an extremely water and sweat proof SPF30+ sunscreen, which we called “SUNSCREENZ”. In 2005, due to consumer demand, we introduced our DEET FREE insect repellent “SWAMP JUICE” to product line. It was at this point the SUNSCREENZ name was changed to “SKINBLOCKERS” to better encompass multiple skin care products.

The Formula

  • SPF and water resistance was improved by increasing both the U.V. absorbers and water proofing agents creating the long lasting waterproof UVA and UVB SPF30+ sunscreen currently available
  • The quick drying formula is ALCOHOL, OIL, PABA & FRAGRANCE FREE. These undesirable qualities in other products can stain clothes, pollute live wells or affect fishing rods.
  • Skin Blockers formula has almost no odor. It will not to attract insects, or leave any scent on baits, and should not affect most hunter’s activities.
  • Our sunscreen is water and perspiration proof for 4 hours in fresh water. After drying on the skin, perspiration through the product will not create a stinging sensation in eyes.
  • Our formulas do not affect the products traditionally used in Angling, Boating, and Hunting such as sunglasses, plastic baits, fishing line, gel coats, epoxies, varnishes, metals, woods, gunstocks, etc.
  • Use on children under six months of age only with advice of physician.
  • The package
    Skin Blockers Sunscreen is now available in two different packages to offer more versatility when using sunscreen. We have four ounce bottles with squirt tops, and our single use towelettes.
    The Skin Blockers Swamp Juice wipe package also has many advantages:

  • It is very easy to have sunscreen available when you need it. Given the convenience of a flexible towelette pouch that fits into a pocket, tackle box, glove compartment, fanny pack, etc. It doesn’t do any good to just buy sunscreen, you have to use it! The most important asset of Skin Blockers towelette pouches are that they are easy to have available; therefore, they get used.
  • The tough polyethylene foil pouch is heat sealed at the time of manufacture which seals the saturated towel away from oxygen and moisture. The sunscreen on the towel in the foil pouch is completely protected until the moment it is used.
  • Each individual towel contains enough Swamp Juice to apply a thin coating to face, neck, arms, and hands.
  • The unique, soft, cosmetic grade toweling has apertures to hold the sunscreen until pressure from hand application causes it to release a thin film of sunscreen protection evenly across the surface of the skin. Using a saturated towel for application is more effective than placing sunscreen on the skin by hand and you are less apt to miss spots. Children who often complain of lotion application by hand are used to being wiped by toweling and are much less likely to fight the application procedure.
  • There is enough sunscreen on a single towel to cover the face, neck, arms, and hands of a large adult; even more area on small adults or children. The towel insures that only a uniform thin film will be deposited on the skin which aids in the quick set up of the sunscreen in two minutes.
  • Skin Blockers Sunscreen