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TFO Finesse Trout TF 0.5 50 3 FT

The Finesse Series Half Weight is engineered with the same materials and taper that facilitates such accurate and delicate presentations that the TFO Finesse family is known for. At a featherweight 1.2 ounces and 22 inch pack length, this is a little 5 foot rod that is guaranteed to make you smile – to conjure up memories of small fish past … and future. The Half Weight features a cigar-style grip comprised of flor grade cork and is handsomely finished with a burled cork butt. Two adjustable sliding rings enable varying reel placements for finding the perfect balance. Of course it is light on your wallet too at $159.95 and is covered by TFO’s industry leading warranty.

TFO Finesse Trout TF 0.5 50 3 FT