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DVD - Tying Classic Wet Flies

Traditional wet flies ruled the waters for most of fly fishing history. For over 100 years the sale of wet flies dominated the commercial market for trout flies. In early America these patterns were used exclusively for Brook Trout, Atlantic Salmon, and Grayling. Wet flies were later used with great success to catch browns, rainbows, and steelhead trout. Classic wet fly patterns are still very effective, yet tying and fishing these flies had begun falling out of fashion in the 1960’s.

Tying Classic Wet Flies by Don Bastian is the first DVD exclusively devoted to these historic patterns and fly tying techniques.

During one-hour and 52 minutes running time, Don demonstrates and thoroughly explains detailed techniques for tying quill, waterfowl flank, married, and mixed-wing wet flies with a variety of body materials, multiple hackling techniques, and material-specific tips on the following eight patterns:
Gray Hackle Peacock, Cahill, Yellow Sally, Rich Widow, Cupsuptic, Trout Fin, Parmachene Belle, and Professor

The first seven flies are shown start to finish; the Professor begins with a completed body (components review of patterns previously instructed), and focuses on the selection, preparation, and placement of the wing, giving a very lucid explanation of working with gray mallard flank.

Instruction in this DVD begins at a basic level with the Gray Hackle Peacock. Technique and difficulty gradually progress through a sequence of patterns increasing the skill level while simultaneously incorporating a broadening range of tying procedures.

Married-wing techniques are vividly demonstrated with the Trout Fin and Parmachene Belle.

Don Bastian has 48 years of fly tying experience, including 27 years of fly tying instruction.

The book Forgotten Flies (2000) by Complete Sportsman features Don’s meticulous reproductions of 499 wet fly patterns from the traditional recipes of Trout (1938 & 1952 – new wet fly patterns), Just Fishing (1932), and With Fly, Plug, and Bait (1947) by the famous fishing author Ray Bergman.

This DVD was recorded in April 2004 at Triple L Productions in Lambertville, Michigan, through cooperation with Chris Helm, owner of Whitetail Fly Tieing Supplies of Toledo, Ohio.

DVD - Tying Classic Wet Flies