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Tenkara IWANA Series II 11' 6:4

Length: 11ft
Closed length: 20 1/2 inches (including 1/2" cap
Number of segments: 8
Handle length: 11 inches
Weight: 2.5oz

These are lightest rods we offer.

Ideal for those seeking very very delicate casting and for fishing smaller streams, the 11ft Iwana feels extremely light-weight and all sensations are enhanced when hooking a fish. The progressive taper, ultra-light weight, and tip action provides for great battles, even when hooking the smaller fish. Quality and strength are by no means compromised. If you are going to streams where 12 inch trout are trophies this is the rod, even if you hook the occasional larger one.

These rods have a beautiful "glossy carbon" finish, where you can see the high-quality carbon fiber material through a nice glossy finish.

Tenkara IWANA Series II 11' 6:4