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Tenkara USA Line - Level Hi Vis

The best tenkara level line anywhere: very little memory right out of the spool, the right stiffness for casting, and most importantly VERY HIGH VISIBILITY! This is the preferred line used by Dr. Hisao Ishigaki, leading tenkara authority in Japan.

Our tenkara level line is a special formula of fluorocarbon, that was specifically formulated for tenkara with good visibility, low memory and best castability being the main criteria. Fluorocarbon is the chosen material for it has the right weight, density and stiffness to be cast with tenkara yet can be kept off the water at long distances for no drag on the line - (*pieces of the main line do not have to be cut if you use our suggested knots, thus it is not damaging to the environment).

20meter (65ft) spools

#2.5 or #3.5 or #4.5?
A #4.5 line is easier to cast, but slightly more challenging to keep off the water at longer distances.
The #3.5 line is slightly more challenging to cast, but can be kept off the water at a longer distance more easily.
The #2.5 line (recommended by Tenkara) is the most challenging to cast, but the easiest to keep off the water.
Additionally, the heavier lines will pair better with the stiffer rods, so the 4.5 lines are recommended for the Yamame and Amago rods.

What do these numbers mean?
We have decided to switch from the "pound-test" classification we used in our first lines, to the original Japanese classification system. In the past we offered a 10lb and 15lb lines, now we're offering what is roughly 12lb (#3.5) and 17lb (#4.5) test. Back in time, when anglers used silkworm gut (tegusu), and other fibers, lines were classified their actual weight, not the diameter (e.g. how much a certain amount of line weighed). In 1955, a standard was proposed where a #1 line was set to be 0.165mm and #10 line was set as 0.520mm. Today, line diameters are standardized, but not strictly so.

#3.5 0.320mm .0125"
#4.5 0.365mm .014"

20meter (65ft) spools allow you to cut 4 or 5 lines out of one spool. For example, cut one that is 12ft long, one that is 18ft for larger waters.

Made in Japan

Tenkara USA Line - Level Hi Vis