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BossTin One-Shot Split Shot Dispenser

It is a small, lightweight dispenser that can dispense any one of the four sizes of split shots quickly and easily. The unique quality is it dispenses one shot at a time, eliminating the hassles you have when you get more than a hand full of shot at one time. The dispenser is refillable.

We at BossTin having more that 20 years of experience in the fly fishing industry and feel we know what works, what you are looking for and we are trying very hard to be the innovators on what you would like to see and use. We also feel strongly that the fly fishing industry is the leader in being on the cutting edge of protecting our environment. At BossTin all of our products are lead free.

BossTin gears its accessories for fly fishing to be simple, quick, affordable and ultimately to be a superior performance product that is environmentally friendly. BossTin regularly introduces new products that receive rave reviews from professional anglers and guides from around the country. We’re your best fishing tackle supplier when choosing non-toxic fishing sinkers and other fly fishing equipment made of tin.


  • BB, 1, #4, #6

  • BossTin One-Shot Split Shot Dispenser