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Fish Skull FS Skulpin Bunny

An authentic sculpin pattern that looks and performs in a realistic, imitative manner. It combines the attributes of the award-winning Fish-Skull™ Sculpin Helmet with the irresistible natural movement of rabbit fur strips to produce a simple, high performance fly that is a real pleasure to fish with. The fly is a very effective trout and smallmouth bass fly that can be comfortably fished with #5 or #6 weight fly rod.

The Skulpin Bunny has these key features:


Weight and hook orientation: The Skulpin Bunny is specifically designed to be fished deep on or very near the river or lake bottom where sculpins and gobies typically live…and to do this in an almost snag-free way. The fly does this by combining a Sculpin Helmet (that has a weighted keel) with a #4 streamer hook tied in the “hook upwards” position.
  • The weight gets the fly down.
  • The keel means the fly will always swim in the hook upwards position which helps avoid getting caught on the bottom of the river.
  • The flat bottom and “up eye” hook position helps the fly move over any obstacles it may encounter.

    Hook Size: #4 Streamer Color Variations: Using Hareline Dubbin’s amazing range of barred and variant rabbit strips as the primary body and tail material, the Skulpin Bunny range is available in six different color options. This allows you to match a wide variety of local fishing conditions or target species.

  • Fish Skull FS Skulpin Bunny