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Fish Skull Living Eyes

Hologram Dome Eyes
Using the latest in photo-realistic holographic technology, Flymen has developed the most realistic range of 3D fish-eyes for fly tying on the planet at a very compelling price point. No longer will fly tiers have to rely on fish eyes created using an “artist’s impression” of what they think fish eyes look like.

Q: How many eye styles (colors) are in the Living Eye range?
A: We have created 4 different eye styles (colors) using high resolution images of real baitfish eyes. We call them EARTH (Green/Brown), WIND (Gold), FIRE (Red/Orange) and ICE (Silver) and together these colors will cover the vast majority of freshwater and saltwater baitfish that fly fishermen try to imitate.

Q: How many sizes are there?
A: There are 8 sizes: 3 mm (1/8″), 4mm (5/32″), 5mm (3/16″), 6mm (1/4″), 7mm (9/32″), 8.5mm (11/32″), 10mm (3/8″) and 15mm (5/8″).

Q: How many eyes do I get in a pack?
A: There are twenty eyes in the 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm packs and sixteen eyes in the big 8.5mm & 10mm packs and twelve in the 15mm Predator size packs.

Q: Do they have a self adhesive backing like other 3D eyes on the market?
A: Yes, but like other eyes we recommend that you use a super glue, epoxy or Clear Cure Goo to stick them securely onto your fly.

Q: Which sizes will fit the Fish-Skull™ Baitfish Heads and Sculpin Helmets?
A: The 5mm Living Eyes will fit the MEDIUM SIZE Fish-Skulls and the 6mm eyes will fit the LARGE SIZE Fish-Skulls. At this time we do not sell the smaller eyes sizes for the SMALL and SMALL-MEDIUM Fish-Skulls and the SMALL and LARGE Sculpin Helmets. However, starting from early 2013 onwards, the Living Eyes will become the de facto standard 3D eyes we include with every pack of Fish-Skulls and Sculpin Helmets (all sizes and colors). This will add a lot of extra customer value to the product.

Please note that these sizes are MILLIMETERS and not INCHES (most other 3D eyes we offer are measured in inches). So a 5.0 in the 3D Oval Pupil Silver is not same size as the 5mm Fire Fish Skull Living Eye!

Q: Which sizes will fit the Fish-Masks?
A: All of them! There is a Fish-Mask that corresponds to each of the 8 size Living Eyes

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