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Tails - Spirit River UV2 Bucktails

These are nice North American buck tails and are being extensively tested for all types of streamers. The UV2 process on both natural and dyed makes these pop. Saltwater guides at the shows feel there is a distinct advantage using patterns made with UV2 buck tails, specially on grey, overcast days.

UV2 FLY TYING MATERIALS from SPIRIT RIVER Spirit River now has the ability to process fly tying materials with both UVF and UVR, just like Mother Nature. UVF is the fluorescent wavelength in bright colors which allows fish to see flies at greater distance in most water conditions. UVR is the reflective UV light that cannot be readily seen with the human eye, but is very visible in the animal and insect world. Bees use it to find flowers, mayflies use it to choose mates, and fish naturally key on it as a safe food choice. By closely mimicking Mother Nature's UV color patterns we gain a new advantage on the most wary trout.

Saltwater Bucktail – from Rumpf. Maybe a physically small tail (from a doe) but will have the longest hair. No special treatment to make them “saltwater” specific, but saltwater patterns generally require the longest hair. Texture and straightness will vary so please specify what type of hair you like (straight vs kinky, fine vs thick). Blacks are double-dyed to achieve the dark color, and tend to have more krinkle and shorter hair as a result. Available as pieces in a combo pack.

Large Bucktail or Bucktail pieces– from Wapsi. General use bucktails. Not as long as Saltwater, and generally slightly shorter than the Northerns. Most have some wave. May be physically larger tail (bucktail) than the saltwaters. The Pieces are trimmings from the full tails.

Northern Bucktails – from Hareline. General use bucktails. Not as long as Saltwater, but generally a little bit longer than Larges. May be straight or wavy. Tend to be physically larger tails (bucktails). Also available in pieces as combo packs.

CCT Select – from Cascade Crest Tools. General use bucktails. May be doe (shorter tail, longer hair) or bucktail (longer tail, shorter hair). Tend to have slight wave. Great colors not available from other suppliers.

Double Dip and Tip-Dyed Tails – from Spirit River. General use bucktails in a cool 2-tone color. Most are bucktails (longer tail, shorter hair) with some texture.

UV2 BUcktails – from Spirit River. General use bucktails. Treated with UV2 dye which fluoresces under specific conditions. Fish see a different range of wavelengths than we do, so it is designed to be more visible to them. The dye process is not as pronounced on the darker colors. Mostly Bucktails (longer tail, shorter hair). Tend to have slight wave.

Jumbo Bucktails – from an un-named source. Very large tails. Saltwater length hair OR general use length. Please be sure to specify the type of hair you need.

Tails - Spirit River UV2 Bucktails

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