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Nautilus NV-G 10/11


New for 2012 to the NV-G family of reels is the Nautilus NV Monster. At 5” in diameter and less than 1% startup inertia at 15 lbs. of drag pressure, this reel will be your best friend come Tarpon season. Yes tarpon guides and fanatics, we listened!

With that hefty diameter, the Monster cranks up nearly a foot and a half of line with every turn of the spool. But here’s the thing that won the hearts of voters at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show: the Monster weighs 9.9 ounces, which is pretty much in line with what a lot of the saltwater reels designed for 8-weights tip the scales at. In other words, Monster proves that your tarpon or tuna rod doesn’t have to feel like it has a bowling ball hanging from the reel seat. The real beastly part of the reel, however, is what you don’t see—the fully-sealed NV CCF drag system.

Weight: 9.9 oz.
Diameter: 5.00 in.
Width: 1.30 in.
  • WF12 + 325yd 30#
  • WF12 + 630yd 50# gel

  • The Monster is loaded with features:

  • Big game handle and perfectly balanced counterweight
  • Giga Arbor design for 14” per turn line pick up and fast backing drying
  • Machined crossbars on spool at the 350 yard backing line
  • Laser ID for line identification
  • 3 strengthened spool support lugs for ideal balance of strength and lightness
  • Extra wide line guard for increased impact resistance
  • Extra thick Nautilus shell lugs for superior frame strength
  • Award winning NV CCF disc braking system
  • Lightest true big game 12+ weight on the market by a lot!
  • The NV Monster is the perfect addition to your fly fishing reel arsenal if you are a blue water or flats 12+ weight big game hunter. At only 9.9 ounces this reel will make your 12 weight rod cast like a 9 weight. Gone are the days of sore arms from casting heavy big game reels on heavy rods: Cast all day. Blind cast all day for all we care. When the fish finally takes the fly you will be in good shape to bring it in for a quick healthy release.

    Nautilus NV-G 10/11

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