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Nautilus NV Spey 400-550

Whether Spey or overhead casting a 2 handed rod, the reel requirements remain the same: large capacity to fit a modest amount of backing under these biggest of lines, and just enough weight to balance a 12 to 15 foot two-handed rod. Whether you chose one of our CCF reels or one of the brand new NV Spey reels, you cannot go wrong. The CCF 12 line was built with Spey casters in mind, as were the larger NV reels.

These large arbor reels deliver extremely fast line pick up that will help you put the fish on the reel in record time. Furthermore, the sealed Nautilus CCF Disc Brake System will prevent water, dirt or sand from contaminating the drag surface, and will protect the most delicate tippets to increase the odds of landing the fish of a lifetime. These reels will deliver consistent and flawless performance and will never hydroplane if submerged, nor glaze over in freezing conditions.

Rio Fly lines and Airflo have helped us measure these reels for exact backing capacities, and these charts should be of great help for you in picking the right reel for the set up you are using.

Since we first began making the Nautilus reels we have always kept an eye on the Spey and two-hander segment of this sport. For 9 years now we have published our Spey specs charts to help you figure out what reel to match to your favorite Spey rod and line. Over time we have gathered a huge following in this niche fly fishing market and we are constantly listening to what is coming, what is going and adapting our reels to upcoming trends.

The current trend in Spey casting is using thinner running lines that help casters shoot the lines farther with less effort. While great for distance, this has created new tolerance requirements in fly reel design.

The Nautilus NV Spey reels have been designed to maximize the effectiveness of these thin running lines, and we incorporated the hugely popular Giga arbor design for lightening fast line pick up and minimal line memory.

The NV Spey Reels have been named to reflect the recommended range of grain weights of the line heads for each, starting at the lowest recommended to the biggest line that will comfortably fit with at least 150 yards of 30 lb. backing. The NV Spey 400-550 will fit your existing NV 10/11 frame and the NV Spey 450-750 fits the NV 11/12 frame.

Weight: 8.1 oz.
Diameter: 4.25 in.
Width: 1.00 in.
  • 550gr head w/ 0.030"RL + 150yd 30#
  • 7/8/9 Spey Line

  • Nautilus NV Spey 400-550