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Backing Pre-Cut - Hatch Premium

Backing is backing right? Wrong! There have been major advancements in line technology over the past few decades. The most exciting of which for anglers is the introduction of braided polyethylene lines. Specifically, eight braid polyethylene lines. Commonly referred to as PE lines, these lines are smaller in diameter and greater in strength compared to traditional type fly-fishing backing materials. They have greater abrasion resistance, are UV resistant, tie lower profile knots, provide less drag through the water, and are capable of lasting a lifetime.

Why 8 braid is important?
Braided lines with 3 PE strands have a flat shape and are rough in texture. Braided lines with 4 PE strands are in the shape of a square, but with thin lines it looks round. The braided body has some roughness, and you may feel the vibration when you reel in a 4 strand line. Braided lines with 8 PE strands are much smoother in texture, have a round profile, and allow for the line to pass effortlessly through the guides without causing damage or vibration. Thereby making them far superior to their 3 PE & 4 PE strand counterparts.

Why only one size backing?
Because you really only need one size to cover all fly-fishing applications. Let us explain. For a moment let’s forget what we know about pound (lb) ratings and focus on diameter. Take a look at the chart below. You’ll see that the diameter of Hatch backing is equal to or less than our competitors’ products. Now look at the lb/kg ratings. You’ll notice right away that our material is stronger than everyone else’s. The diameter of the line determines how much backing builds up on the arbor of a reel, not the pound rating. So, a single diameter line can be used effectively in all fly-fishing applications - fresh or saltwater.

Diameter: .015" / 37mm
Strength: 68lb / 30kg

Hatch PE Braid
0.015" / 0.37mm
68# / 30.8g
20# Dacron
0.018" / 0.46mm
20# / 9.0kg
30# Dacron
0.024" / 0.61mm
30# / 13.6kg
30# Gel Spun
0.014" / 0.36mm
30# / 13.6kg
50# Gel Spun
0.016" / 0.40mm
50# / 22.7kg

Backing Pre-Cut - Hatch Premium