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Book - Bonefishing

Bonefish are sleek, silvery fish that inhabit some of the most stunningly beautiful tropical waters on earth. They are designed to feed on bottom organisms in extremely shallow water. Crustaceans are their primary food source, which they seize on or near the bottom strata, crushing and pulverizing prey in their powerful jaws. When bonefish feed in water of 14 inches or less, their tails may protrude above the water's surface. Like a signal mirror, bonefish tails provide an unmistakable flashing beacon for anglers. Remarkable eyesight, acute hearing and mind-boggling speed are their main survival mechanisms. Bonefish are also masters at disguise and blend amazingly well into their transparent, skinny water habitat. Their mysterious unseen presence constantly befuddles anglers. A bonefish mirage can suddenly transform into reality and just as quickly dissolve into illusion. Bonefish are indeed phantoms of the flats. Fly fishing for bonefish is not difficult. It is much less complicated than fly fishing for trout. It does not require mythical prowess or exceptional angling skills. Bonefish are plentiful and readily engage anglers in matchless sport, but they are not so easily duped as to cause boredom. Quite the contrary: unskilled anglers could stumble over a school and not see them or present their fly improperly and go fishless.

Book - Bonefishing