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DVD - Casts that Catch Fish

Take a one on one fly casting lesson with Federation of Fly Fishers Master Fly Casting Instructor Carl McNeil as he demonstrates the essential fly casting presentation casts. Each fly cast is explained step by step in plain simple language with the assistance of slow motion and graphical overlays.

These fly casts should be considered vital ammunition in the arsenal of all fly anglers of both fresh and salt water. In addition to the slack line presentation casts McNeil covers the roll cast, Bill Gammel's Five Essentials of good fly casting and dealing with windy conditions.

The Five Essentials of good fly casting

  • Roll cast
  • Reach mend
  • Pile cast
  • Wiggle cast
  • Aerial mend
  • Bucket mend
  • Tuck cast
  • Curve casts
  • Dealing with the wind

    50 min.
    On the Fly Productions

  • DVD - Casts that Catch Fish