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DVD - The Good Life - by Gray Ghost Productions

All along the Atlantic seaboard from north to south lies some of the most mind-blowing sections of fish-able water. This project takes a long hard look at the sport of fly fishing along the eastern side of the Mississippi. The Good Life documents the bona-fide enthusiasm and determination for the fly fishing experience. Each fisherman in this film, from Pro's to the unknown, legends to fresh recruits, all share a common bond. They all share an incredible thirst to cast a fly to a fish. This saga tours the better part of the East from Labrador to the Florida Keys and everything in-between. Hitch a ride in the flying Beaver with Luke Gray in search of huge Eastern Brook Trout and enormous Northerns. Check out the alluring saltwater for Stripers in the north or toothy monsters of the southern latitudes. Fish a day with Lefty Kreh in search of popper crunching smallies or take a ride with the hard charging Mckay brothers for a glimpse at young guns behind the fly rod. From Peacock Bass to Landlock Salmon, from urban pools teeming with silver Shad to remote runs with glorious trout and a dash of the occasional Stonefly hatch, this film is proof that the good life is never too far away.

70 min

DVD - The Good Life - by Gray Ghost Productions