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EP Ltd - Bronzino Eel - Black/Purple

Enrico Puglisi Fly
Enrico's "Branzino" Eel is a great-looking fly - perfect for imitating long-bodied baitfish like the American Eel, Sand Eels, and just about any other kind of eel or slim baitfish that gamefish want to eat. This type of fly is a killer striped bass fly, but this fly will work anywhere in the world that small eels are preyed upon.

In the winter months, when large stripers migrate down the Atlantic coast, one of the most important flies to keep in your box is a sand eel imitation, and Enrico Puglisi's Bronzino is one of the best. At 5 inches long, and with the slender profile of a sand eel, the Bronzino is best fished at various slots in the water column, and with a jerky retrieve. Stripers and blues will hone in on these flies and attack with aggression.

approximately 5 inches (13 cm) long

EP Ltd - Bronzino Eel - Black/Purple