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DVD - Advanced Classic Wet Flies

Traditional wet flies ruled they waters for most of fly fishing history, but these effective patterns have been over-looked by a generation of fly tiers and anglers.

In Advanced Classic Wet Flies, part of The New Hooked On Fly Tying Series, Don Bastian introduces his prorietary and unique method of material handling to simplify the assembly and construction of the married wing trout flies. His new technique eliminates the confusion and difficulty often associated with handling wing quill and tail slips.

The patterns covered are as follows:
  • Silver Doctor
  • Belgrade
  • Watson's Fancy
  • Sabbatus
  • Ferguson
  • Gold Stork

    Don Bastian has been a fly fishing guide and instructor in his home state of Pennsylvania for 15 years and has be teaching fly tying for over 25 years. The book Forgotten Flies (2000) features photographs of Don's reproductions of 499 wet fly patterns from the Ray Bergman book Trout (1938).

    one-hour 52 minutes

  • DVD - Advanced Classic Wet Flies