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Partridge Universal Predator Hook CS86

Black Nickel / Straight-Eye
Wide gape, micro-barbed, strong predator hook for all freshwater, estuary and saltwater applications.

10 per pack

According to the historians Redditch in central England was famous for making fish hooks before the reign of Henry VIII. During the mid-19th Century, Partridge of Redditch was the dominant hook maker in the world. It's designs still dominate the world of "Classic Salmon Fly Tying". Our inventory includes two unique styles that are significant to steelhead fly fishing. Partridge of Redditch is now owned by Mustad, which is the world's largest fish hook company.

Partridge invented the purpose built predator (Pike) hook and has long worked with experts in the field to research and manufacture the best hooks for the job. There has been a tendency for fishermen to review the title of a hook and to say that it is not suitable as it bears the wrong species on the label. With this in mind in 2014 they have focused on new patterns that take us to the smaller predators like Walleye, Zander, Large-mouth Bass, Small-mouth Bass with a large gape suitable for poppers and bulky patterns for hungry fish.

Partridge Universal Predator Hook CS86