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ProCaddi stands just under 11" tall, the bottom plate is 7.75" in diameter while the top plate is just 5.6" allowing for easy viewing and access to the bottom tray. Both top and bottom plates turn independently.

The ProCaddi is made out of high density polyethylene and acetal for incredible durability and years of life.

For further efficiency there is a handle provided for convenient packing and unpacking or movement of a fully loaded caddi around your bench.

Top Plate:
- slots and holes designed to hold tools such as bobbins, scissors, tweezers, combs, etc.
- accommodating 9 or 18 hanks of fly tying material
- optional 9 hooks to hold completed flys for safe keeping or drying
Bottom Plate:
- accommodating 18 or 8 spools of thread
- 4 trays for hooks, eyes, beads or weights

- top and bottom plates turn independently.