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Book - A Tale of Two Rivers

An intimate portrait of fly fishing on Cape Cod's Quashnet and Mashpee rivers, seeking the unique species of Sea Run Brook Trout that once inhabited many locations. In 50 color photos, watercolor illustrations, and engaging text, presented here is a unique blend of the author's personal experience and the romance of fly fishing with practical how-to instruction, historical, environmental, and ecological issues.

About the Author
Ron Lasko grew up fly fishing for trout in the Catskill and Adirondack Mountains. As an executive he resided in Hartford, Boston, Atlanta and New York City, traveling and fly fishing for Trout from New england to Georgia. Over the last 25 years Ron has resided on Cape cod and his fishing and studies have been focused on the sea run brook trout of Cape Cod and its last two remaining wild sea run brook rivers that are the subjects of this book. The Quashnet is a slow moving Spring Creek while the Mashpee is a swift flowing valley river. Both originate in Lakes, become freshwater rivers, then enter brackish estuaries and bays before entering Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic. Subsequently the contrasts as well as the similarities of the two rivers, with their environmental and ecological challenges inspired Ron to write this book based on his intimate relationship with these rivers. Ron resides on a Trout Pond just minutes from the two nearby rivers where he creates fly patterns, restores bamboo rods, gives presentations, supports river restoration and conservation efforts and is at work on his next fly fishing-environmental book.

Book - A Tale of Two Rivers