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RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head - Sink Type3

Easy ID Loops, Front & Back Welded Loop

RIO‘s shooting heads are based on the popular OutBound Short lines, and are designed to cast very long distances. The front loaded weight distribution quickly loads a rod, while the unique step down taper at the back allows for very long flight times and easy distance. The heads are built two sizes above the AFTM standard to correctly load modern rods - anglers do not need to step up a line size when choosing a line for their rod, as this is done in the design. Each head has an Easy ID loop at the back end for quick recognition.

Attach to either SlickShooter® or RIO’s Powerflex core shooting lines according to these recommendations for best performance.

ST5 to ST8 - 0.024" Powerflex Shooting line, or 25# SlickShooter
ST8 to ST10 - 0.030" Powerflex Shooting line, or 35# SlickShooter
ST10 and bigger - 0.035" Powerflex Shooting line, or 44# SlickShooter

  • Length: 30'
  • 7-10 weight

  • RIO Outbound Short Shooting Head - Sink Type3