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3-TAND Surgex S-6 Pliers

Surgical-style pliers with rubberized, tapered handles.

The name SURGEX was created after we conducted user feedback studies for our new set of 6" 3-TAND fishing pliers. When we asked fishermen what they thought about the quality, feel, durability, ease of use, comfort and cost of these needlenose pliers, the response was overwhelmingly favorable. It was early March, and we were at Upcountry Sportsfishing in Pine Meadows, CT. After being in the shop for over an hour talking to fishermen, a regular customer of theirs (who happens to be a well-known surgeon) walked in. We invited him into our conversation, and we noticed that the way he held our pliers was different from others. His eagerness to buy our proto-type on the spot was what made us come up with SURGEX; that's the feel they give when you use them.

SURGEX S-6 fishing pliers by 3-TAND offer:

  • Our unique, sugical-style rubberized frames with tapered handles offer extreme comfort.
  • Tungsten carbide cutters are replaceable and cut through the toughest braided line.
  • Split ring opener for fast, easy plug changeouts.
  • Flat area to debarb hooks for catch and release.
  • Spring-loaded hinge for quick action.
  • Made from cold-forged aircraft aluminum for strength, durability, and longevity.
  • Anti-corrosion and rust-proof material makes the SURGEX S-6 perfect for the harsh saltwater use.
  • Holster-style sheath with thin but rugged lanyard.
  • Spare Cutter (plus the 2nd type of jaw)

  • 3-TAND Surgex S-6 Pliers