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UFM - Pole Dancer - Fire Tiger

The pole dancer flies made a huge splash when they debuted in early 2010. We instantly sold out of them, and it's no wonder why. These are some of the most revolutionary flies designed in recent memory. Not only tied, these flies have been engineered with a unique injection molded head, which gives the fly an action never before seen in a fly; it actually "walks" across the surface in a side-to-side motion inspired by one of the best topwater lures in history, the Zara Spook. An instant favorite of saltwater anglers and anyone who chases predatory fish, the list of species that will crush this fly is almost endless: tarpon, snook, striped bass, largemouth, smallmouth, dorado, jacks, trevally, barramundi, cuda, pike muskie, peacock bass, roosterfish... let's see, am I missing anything?

UFM - Pole Dancer - Fire Tiger