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EP - Bay Anchovy - Light Olive

Enrico Puglisi Fly

Size: 1/0

Small flies as needed as much as big ones. All of Enrico Puglisi Minnow flies have proven to be effective where small baitfish are present. Small fly, small hook doesn’t mean you’ll catch small fish!

This is what Enrico Puglisi says about the anchovy fly. "False Albacore is an offshore fish and they feed on offshore baitfish such as anchovy, sardine, butterfish, and so on, baitfish that reach a pretty good size. So, why don't they take flies that exceed 2" in length when we fish for them inshore? My answer is very simple. False Albacore will come close to shore, not because they have nothing to eat offshore, but because they know that they will find tons of Bay Anchovy (Rainy Fish). They must love them. That's why every fall, like a Swiss watch, they show up. They will concentrate on them and nothing else. I believe this is the reason why we need to use very small size flies."

EP - Bay Anchovy - Light Olive