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Brinefly Pulse Disc

Brinefly’s premier technology is our Pulse Disc. The Pulse Disc makes your fly mimic the movement of a real bait fish.

The Pulse Disc works so well because it causes the same hydro-acoustical signature put out by the bait fish. The side to side movement is the same as the bait fish. You can actually feel the pulsation in your hand resulting in the name Pulse Disc.

This patent-pending technology has been tested by Bob Popovics, published author and guru in the fly fishing industry, who encouraged the production of the Pulse Disc prototype.

Determine the Size You Need
Start off with a small disc, then pull it through the water and note the action. If the oscillation is tight, and that is to your liking, go no further. But if you want more oscillation, go up one size with the disc.

Going from 1/2″ to 5/8″ will increase the oscillation of the fly. To establish a benchmark, go up one more size to 3/4″. If this is too large, the disc will lock up and skate the fly sideways. This action is caused because the area of the disc is greater than the area of the fly. The tension between the fly line and the fly is not great enough to keep the disc floating unimpeded in front of the fly.

Because of this learning process, it is necessary to have enough discs on hand to give you options. Brinefly suggests that you buy one of the four packs. This gives you the necessary range of choices that are necessary to fine tune your fly with the proper oscillation.

Examples of Flies
I’ve taken photos showing the available sizes of Pulse Disc attached to many different sizes of flies. These flies are from my fly box and when I change flies I cut the leader above the knot which eliminates re-sizing for that particular fly.

A designation of freshwater or saltwater is based on wire diameter of the hook, which is only for reference. Small hooks are used both in fresh and saltwater. The freshwater designation is reference to smaller hook sizes, such as #6 to #1/0. I have tied flies on #8 hooks that work great with the 1/2” Pulse Disc (size #1). This also works well with tube flies.

14# test max

14# test max

14# test max

20# test max

20# test max

6 per pack

Brinefly Pulse Disc