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Magazine - Tenkara USA 2015

Now with larger and darker font. The second annual issue of the Tenkara Magazine has an incredible lineup of stories, how-to articles, and tenkara photography. This high-quality publication is intended to continue sharing the tenkara story and features pieces submitted by the tenkara community and curated by Tenkara Publishing.


  • Catch And Release, By Jack E. Williams
  • Tenkara+ Bouldering, By Daniel Pierce
  • Mid-River Boulders, By John Geer
  • Encountering Yuzo Sebata, By Daniel Galhardo
  • Interview With Yuzo Sebata, By Adam Trahan
  • First Summer Of Tenkara, By Hannah Williams
  • Purple Fly, By Michael Agneta
  • Cooking Trout On A Campfire, By Daniel Galhardo
  • Grand Slam, By Jen Kugler Hansen
  • Tenkara+ Saltwater, By Chris Kuhlow
  • Tenkara And Dry Fly, By Mark Cole
  • Hemming The Seam, By Tj Ferreira
  • Tenkara Underwater, By Ralph Cutter
  • Thinking Outside The Fly Box, By Jason Klass
  • A Weekend Hike, By Jourdan Arenson
  • Tribes Of Itoshiro, By Paul Gaskell
  • Visiting Japan, By Rebecca Milner
  • The Tenkara Flower, By Daniel Galhardo
  • Discovering The Fish Of Japan, By John Pearson
  • Tenkara Journeys, By Dave Southall
  • Incidents With Tenkara, By Dave Hughes
  • Fly-Fishing The Enchantments, By Daniel Silverberg
  • Fish Tales From Wales, By Dyfan Morris
  • Plus: The Basics Of Tenkara And Tenkara Summit

  • Magazine - Tenkara USA 2015