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xSaturday February 22, 2014 Pro Tubefly System Tying Class


Pro Tubefly Systems Demonstration/Class
Presented by: Bear’s Den/ Bruce Berry of Mainstream Outdoors
at the shop

Bear’s Den Pre Funk Fly Tying: If you are planning on coming and enjoying our 16th Annual Show/25th Anniversary Party and intrigued about tube and our new Pro Sportfisher System…This is for you!

Bruce Berry (Pro Tubefly Systems) is coming out to support our 25th anniversary and will tying/demonstrating Pro Tubeflies most of the day Saturday the 22nd. Opportunity for a pre-funk class is an option (short notice, for those interested) Bruce will provide all Pro Tubes, Pro Weights, Hook Guides, Cones, Cone Discs, Soft Sonic Discs needed for our demo/class day for up to 8 tiers. The packs will have enough for one fly to be tied during class and another to be tied at a later date on your own.

Bring your Traveling tying kit so you have a vise and tools - only the materials will be here for you!

Flies: As time allows…we will try to get through 3-4 flies if not all & demo tie flies that we can’t get to

Lady Gaga
  • Blue Moon & Popsicle Marabou Spey Flies
  • Magog Smelt
  • Johnson’s Lady Gaga…Blue/Black/Orange
  • Hobo Spey…Maroon/Black
  • Rambulance…Blue/Black
  • Sticky Sculpin…Olive…might be demo only tied by me
  • Baitfish Pattern if time allows

  • Rambulance

    Sticky Sculpin
    Vise, Pro Flexi Needle, Scissors, Dubbing Hook, Whip Finisher, Dubbing Teaser, Bodkin, Zap-A-Gap, Heat Source for burnishing tubes

    Materials: This is just to give you an idea what we'll be using.

  • Marabou: Black, Kingfisher Blue, Royal/Navy Blue, Purple, Hot Orange, Maroon/Claret, Purple, Olive Barred Brown, Fl. Pink/Cerise
  • Rabbit/Wing Material: Black, Olive Variant/Spotted/ Barred Rabbit , Finn Raccoon/Synthetic Kingfisher Blue, Finn Raccoon/Synthetic Fur Black, Amherst Pheasant Tail Natural, White Marble Fox, Yellow Marble Fox, Hot Purple Marble Fox
  • Flash: Red/Kingfisher/Bright Blue Krystal Flash, Blue Holographic F-bou, Blue Holographic F-Bou, Copper F-bou, Saltwater Holographic Silver, Saltwater Pearl, Black Holographic F-bou, Blue Krinkle Flash
  • Schlappen/Hackling: Kingfisher Blue/ Black Schlappen, Golden Pheasant Tippets Dyed Hot Orange, Guinea Dyed Orange XL, Guinea Natural XL, Orange dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Natural Grizzly Saddle Hackle, White Schlappen, Red Schlappen
  • Dubbing: Steelhead Dubbings Hot Orange, Maroon/Claret, Black, Hot Pink, Ice Dub Pearl/Silver, U.V. Polar Chenille Olive, Krystal Chenille Black. I will be using my Fish Dope Blend sold through MFC
  • Tinsel & Wire: Medium Silver Lagartun, Small Silver Wire, Small Copper Wire
  • Weight: Medium Dumbell Eyes

  • xSaturday February 22, 2014 Pro Tubefly System Tying Class