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D - 12 Color Pat Cohen's Carp Dub Dispenser

After many hours spent with an old coffee grinder in hand and bags of various materials…I’m proud to announce, I have teamed up with the material maestros at Hareline Dubbin to bring you the first 100% synthetic Carp dubbing. I hand selected and blended this dubbing specifically to create the subtle color changes, hues, UV reflective quality and subtle lifelike movement needed to tie the flies that will make carp eat. Bottom line, It’s about as buggy as it gets. With 12 great color blends to choose from, no invertebrate will be left behind in your creativity. Spring is approaching, start filling those carp boxes. Cohen’s Carp Dub..
12 Colors: Northern Lights Black, Alfredo Cream, Molting Gray, Stone Ground Mustard, Martian Mean Green, Cray Zee Olive, The Olive Bar, Rain Forest Green, Rusty Nail, Blaze Orange, Acapulco Red, Cray Zee Orange

D - 12 Color Pat Cohen's Carp Dub Dispenser