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DVD - The Underwater World of Trout Vol. 2: Feeding Lies

Feeding Lies

All experienced anglers have witnessed a newly outfitted dude, standing in a spot where he ought to be fishing. Knowing where the fish are is critical to angling success — not just where they hide, but where they feed.

This second voyage into The Underwater World of Trout answers the questions all anglers ask: Where are they? Why are they there? What are they eating? How do I recognize what is going on? In this study we go into the streams and examine the facts and get real answers. Some you expect, others you won’t believe until you see them yourself.

To understand what a trout’s world is like requires a basic understanding of how water moves (hydrology) and how trout move about in the water (biomechanics). We all know some basic truths — or do we? Water always flows downstream — except when it doesn’t. Trout always face upstream — except when they don’t. Trout use the tail fin for propulsion — but how do they stop? Trout feed primarily in pools and use fast water to hide from predators — or do they? Trout always establish a pecking order and never tolerate other fish in their feeding lie — except when they do. You’ll be surprised how often some basic truths are violated.

How trout rise offer clues to what they are eating. But have you ever had a chance to observe the difference between a trout taking an emerger, sipping a dun, tilting on a nymph or exploding after a skittering caddis? Thanks to a particularly co-operative rainbow trout, all the different rise forms and takes are captured and made clear.

These are not staged shots in aquariums but real trout in the streams that you and I fish. These are the waters we ply, filmed by an angler who asks the questions we all ponder. You’ll walk away from this presentation knowing the answers to many questions, and with a whole set of new questions to ask.

DVD - The Underwater World of Trout Vol. 2: Feeding Lies