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Hidden Hook Flies Clacking Minnow - Black

A new spin to an old favorite.

The Clacking minnow is a recent experiment that proved to be extremely successful on Cape Cod flats. The reason this fly is successful is because of the stainless steel beads that are freely swinging on the beadlon wire which is fixated on the top of the hook shank. These beads act as a keel making sure the hook point rides towards the surface and away from the bottom and snags.

Because the beads are freely swinging on wire each time the fly is stripped or moved they beads collide making a noise similar to a distressted baitfish in the water.

After experimenting with several different eyes the bead chain eyes I have selected have proven to be most successful. The bead eyes make this fly a little lighter and obviously easier to cast. The eyes are also large enough so when the fly hits bottom the eyes act as a base and keep the hook point riding high, out of the way of snags and in the way of your intended target.

This fly is tied on Gamakatsu SC-15 3/0 and SC-15 #2.

Hidden Hook Flies Clacking Minnow - Black