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Hidden Hook Flies Protein Shake - Parrot

For the past several years trout fisherman have been experimenting with articulated flies with a lot of success. So this past season I decided to experiment with large articulated “saltwater looking” flies. The first couple attempts swam great but were ugly and had a poor hook up rate but after nearly twenty different prototypes The protein shake has become my favorite large baitfish pattern.

Because of the bulky head and a tapered tail consisting three joints this fly swims like a real baitfish. When retrieved on a steady strip (I prefer a double hand rod under the armpit retrieve) this fly has a very seductive S shape swimming motion.

The fly is made of 100% craft fur and flash which makes this fly have consistent movement throughout.

This fly is tied on the Gamakatsu SL-11 3H 6/0, which is large enough to keep the large fly keeled on even the fastest retrieves.

Hidden Hook Flies Protein Shake - Parrot