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NuWave Head Spin HS-1 Epoxy Fly Rotator and Jig Turner



The Head Spin HS-1 is the perfect solution for fishermen who tie epoxy flies and need a quality epoxy fly drying motor and a rod drying motor or rod finishing motor.  This is our most popular model with a unique epoxy drying wheel.  If you make your own jigs or lures the HS-1 makes a great jig turner.

Using 5 and 30 minute epoxy to produce fly bodies and jigs is an increasingly popular practice in fly tying and lure making.  The most critical and final step of this process is rotating the fly or jig while the epoxy is hardening.  The HS-1's large 5 inch wheel will rotate over a dozen of your epoxy flies or jigs at the optimal rate for the epoxy to cure with perfect symmetry.   

The Head Spin’s unique spring hold wheel secures your flies better than foam and cork and it will not wear out.  The Head Spin quickly converts from a fly dryer into a rod turner using our new easy fit rod chuck kit which securely holds rods with a wide range of butt section sizes.  

This is the new improved design with a more stable base that can be taken apart and packed into a small travel kit.  The motor mount is laser cut stainless steel.  The base is solid metal. 

  • Battery Powered, compact / portable
  • On/Off switch (battery version ONLY)
  • More than 400 hours of battery life from 4AA size batteries
  • AC and battery powered versions
  • Stable, rugged metal construction
  • Securely holds #6 to #6/0 Hooks (down to size 18 with our MicroClips)
  • Micro Clips available for Small Flies and keeping long flies straight
  • Quality USA built 7 RPM Motor
  • 5x3x7.5" with wheel attached
  • No more twirling flies in your hands or vise!
  • Mass production wheel uses a spring system for holding your flies
  • Removable spring wheel has a special slip clutch design; allows you to grab, stop and reverse the wheel as you add flies
  • Converts to a rod finishing station in seconds using our RDC-RB-Rod Chuck
  • No foam or cork to wear out!
  • Effectively holds Circle Hooks!

NuWave Head Spin HS-1 Epoxy Fly Rotator and Jig Turner Write a review | No reviews for this product.


Write a review | No reviews for this product.