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Partridge Patriot Czech Nymph Barbless Hook CZ

Black Nickel / DownEye
Authentic Czech Nymph competition hook. Heavy wire with a wide gape, ideal for all types of nymphs, shrimps and sowbugs.

25 per pack

The recent change to International Competition rules stipulate that only purpose made barbless hooks are to be fished in competitions. Partridge is not a newcomer to this style of hook, having pioneered arrow-points and dropped-points before such hooks became popular. Patriot Barbless hooks are designed to be dependable classics with robust points for both competition and serious fisher folk alike. As this hook guide goes to press we will be changing the sizing on two oversized PATRIOT patterns, CZ and CZF - for many years these patterns have confused fly dressers as their sizing did not conform with the standard Redditch scale.

Partridge Patriot Czech Nymph Barbless Hook CZ