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Renzetti Saltwater Pedestal Base

The Renzetti Saltwater Pedestal Base is made out of cast zinc that is then powder coated black. It is 6" wide x 6" long x 1/2" thick and weights 4 pounds. The Renzetti Saltwater pedestal base comes with a 6" stainless steel stem, an anodized aluminum saltwater stem support and a non slip rubber protective pad to keep your vise in place as well as to protect your working surface.

Designed to work with the Master Series Vises, The Presentation 3000 Series Vises and the Presentation 4000 Series Vises.
To use this Base with a Tube Fly Vise or a Traveler Series Vises, please add the X8054, Stainless Steel Stem for traveler/Tube Fly Vises.

6 pound shipping weight.

Renzetti Saltwater Pedestal Base